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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 14, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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- i see a little silhouetto - [ of a man.chatter ] - ♪ - scaramouche. scaramouche. will you do the fandango? oh. thunderbolt and lightning-- very, very frightening me. - galileo. - galileo. - galileo? - figaro. easy come, easy go. will you let me go? - bismillah, no. - [ together ] we will not let you go. - let me go. - we will not let you go! [ high operatic voice ] ♪ let me go ♪ [ rock ] i think the other way will be more than that. it's going to be a situation where it's going to be big-time. >> a dig for human remains unearths more than investigators ever thought they'd find. tonight, thousands of bone fragments uncovered. and three bodies identified. and investigators say, they're just getting started.
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good evening, everyone. i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. it started with a map. and it turned into a gruesome discovery. investigators have uncovered hundreds of bones that are believed to behe victimse of the duo known as the speed freak killers. today alone, they found 700 bones and fragments. a convicted killer who sits in jail, literally mapped out this location. stephanie, this is a tough question to ask. but how many more bones and fragments do they think is out there to be found? >> reporter: you know, this played a huge part in all this. this is where we'll begin. a copy of this authored by one of those so-called speed freak killers. and on it, he identified a second well nearby. two people he confided in believe there are more bodies buried there. and they're also accusing sheriff investigators of
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damaging evidence. >> leonard, i've not lied to you once. i do want herzog's victims found. >> reporter: leonard padilla read from the letter from shermantine. three key sites led the sheriff's office to hundreds of bones buried in a well outside linden, outside stockton. they identified thousands of bones and bone fragments. at best, it could mean five bodies. but he believes the sheriff's office is compromising and maybe even destroying evidence that could lead to more body identification. >> you must wonder how many of those fragments come from the same bone that were broken by the backhoe bucket. how many teeth have been knocked out of skulls. >> reporter: padilla believes the speed freak killers buried
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30 victims. the current well site was sealed off in the '80s. padilla believes more recent victims were buried a quarter of a mile down. >> i believe the other well holds more than that. it's going to be a situation where, it's going to be big-time. >> reporter: for one family, there came a silver lining today, when news came about remains dug up on friday in san andreas. >> examined by a forensic dentist. that dentist preliminary identified those remains as those of chevy wheeler. >> reporter: investigators found the skull of another victim. 25-year-old cyndi vanderheiden on friday. padilla says he spoke with her family today. >> these folks are happy because bones have been found up there. loved ones. >> reporter: padilla did strike a deal with shermantine to pay him $33,000 towards this information. sheriff's investigators say they are well aware of the second well site. but they are focusing all of
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their energy on the current one, where they will return to dig tomorrow morning. >> stephanie, thank you. $33,000 for that map. on air and online, stay with us for continuing coverage on this story, on we have video of the dig site, as well as more interviews from the bounty hunter, search remains found. no tsunami warning but plenty of rattled nerves tonight following a 6.0 earthquake. it shook the coast of oregon. but it was felt here in the bay area. it was about 160 miles west of coos bay. there was no reports of damage or injuries. and those who felt the shaking described it as a weak jolt. a saratoga business man faces four years in county jail for a hit and run case involving a cyclist. members of the santa clara county jury found him guilty of
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driving his bmw on a bike path on highway 9 in 2009. he drove away from the scene. during the trial, he testified -- that the collision injured her left thigh. now, she suffers memory lapses and double-vision. new tonight at 11:00, while san bruno continues to rebuild and recover after the deadly pipeline explosion in 2010, pg&e is capping the amount it will pay for the physical construction. signaling a breakdown in the conversations with both sides. pg&e is setting a $75,000 limit to its rebuild. the mayor has other plans. he is calling a press conference for tomorrow morning. he claims pg&e is no longer acting in good faith. the explosion and fire in san bruno killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. a family-friendly cruise
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turned million dollar drug bust. federal agents say they found cocaine on a cruise ship docked in san francisco. a $950,000 of coke was found on "the aurora," during a routine inspection by custom agents. the cruise line had arrived from curacao in the caribbean. the drugs was in two separate rooms on the ship. one was registered to an australian man. the other to a man and woman from new zealand. protecting his son and protecting his home. ultimately, it led to killing an intruder. an antioch father shot and killed an 18-year-old man who stormed his house. the shooting happened around 8:20, on the 4800 block of wexler peak way. the homeowner was watching tv with his 7-year-old son, when a
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man rang the doorbell. when no one answered the door, the intruder kicked down the front door. that's when the homeowner wrestled the intruder's gun away from him and shot him several times. 18-year-old jeremiah stovall died as he stumbled on to the front porch. tonight, the neighbors are defending the homeowner. >> you have to protect somebody that comes into your house. you have to do whatever necessary to get them out of your house. >> police arrested a woman believed to an accomplice. the house was randomly targeted. and the homeowner will not face charges. a little girl is in stable condition tonight after being shot. she was among five people hit in a shoot-out in vallejo. the 2-year-old was at the salon with her grandmother. she underwent surgery and remains at oakland's children's hospital tonight.
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her grandmother remains in serious condition. the intended target of the shooting was a 27-year-old woman inside the salon. police are searching for two men involved. bank robbers got more than they hoped for after san jose police went into pursuit mode all the way to the central coast. s.w.a.t. teams had guns drawn as they faced off with bank robbers. the suspects came to salinas after robbing a wells fargo in san jose. that standoff lasted nearly three hours before police arrested all three men. luckily, no one was hurt. the president is set to arrive in california. he'll first go to los angeles tomorrow. and then, head to the bay area on thursday. and when he's in town, raising money for his re-election campaign, he'll also have some special teenage guests at one top-dollar event in san francisco. jean elle joins us live with more on the visit and who the special guests might be.
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jean? >> reporter: jessica, president obama will be stopping here at the nob hill masonic center on thursday. the tickets are going up to $1,000. and some teenagers just learned they have tickets to attend. a lucky break for 15 kids from the san francisco boys and girls club. they have tickets to attend a fund-raiser for president obama in san francisco thursday. >> to get to hear him speak, that's a great opportunity for me. >> reporter: donors paid for the opportunity. tickets for the obama victory fund 2012 event range from $100 to $10,000. some of the teens attended a similar event last year. >> it was really fun, actually, to make eye contact with our president. >> reporter: kyle patterson says president obama has changed his life. >> he said yes, we can. my grades started going up. i started concentrating more in class. taking my tests more seriously. already the president is a role
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model this 16-year-old relates to. >> i want to go to college like harvard, where he went to. >> reporter: while there's support for mr. obama around the pool table, these teens have concerns to share if they get a chance. >> our education in california. education system around here is kind of screwed up. it's broke. >> more scholarships. >> trying to help out the homeless. providing more opportunities for them to try to get themselves together. >> obviously, seen a lot of crime happening lately. it's upsetting. and just like the whole bay area needs that boost of security. >> reporter: with guidance from the boys and girls club, these teens volunteer in their community, help kids at the center and get a firsthand look into is a presidential campaign. >> he's done a lot for this country. he's made our economy a little better. he's still working on it. i still support him. >> reporter: no parking signs are posted on nob hill. the president is attending a
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private fund-raiser earlier in the day in pacific heights. you know the drill. when the president is in town, expect traffic delays. >> great, jean. we'll have live coverage of the president's visit when that happens. thank you. coming up, two fremont police officers pulled over, suspected of drinking and driving. tonight, the police chief isn't talking. but the new mayor is. plus, just to prove, a date when crews will finally break ground on the 49ers stadium in santa clara. and did he do it again? he did. lin for the win. the palo alto superstar takes lin-sanity to a whole new level tonight. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri, in the weather center. after sunshine today, we have clouds and also a few showers starting to move into california. we'll be tracking that. also, increasing wind throughout our wednesday. coming up in just a few minutes.
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two officers, two duis, in just one week. that's what the fremont police department is dealing with tonight. after two experienced police officers were stopped and arrested on suspicion of drunk driving by the chp. coincidence? or a troubling sign of stress? george kiriyama is live in fremont with more. >> reporter: fremont police will not comment on their officers' dui cases because they consider them personnel issues. we talked with the mayor. and he is calling the alleged duis unacceptable. >> the police department has
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high standards. and will deal with it appropriately. >> reporter: gus morrison is reacting to the arrest of two city officers in one week. the california highway patrol arrested paul singleton, after they clocked him going 78 miles per hour, in his honda pickup truck near washington boulevard on february 3rd. the chp reported smelling alcohol on singleton. he was taken into custody after failing a field sobriety test. >> any drinking and driving is unacceptable of anybody. it's more unacceptable when it's our police officers who enforce the law. >> reporter: william johnson was taken into custody after he was seen speeding and weaving in the right lain on 580 in livermore. >> it's hard to enforce the law on somebody else, if you're not living up to the same standard. >> it's almost cheated, in a
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sense. you know? you expect justice when it comes to public officials. >> reporter: now, the mayor told us that fremont p.d. has had one other dui in its history. that was a long time ago. he would not elaborate what kind of punishment was handed down. the current cases have been handed to the attorney's office for review. we've asked if the officers have been placed on leave. again, we were told that this is a personnel issue and they cannot comment on that. >> thank you, george. just days after what appeared to be an alleged bizarre attack, state treasury bill locklear's wife says she has enrolled herself in a program for chemical dependency. so far, no charges have been filed in that case. the 40-year-old woman told police she checked into the
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hotel after an argument with her husband. he is not commenting on his wife's condition, nor that alleged attack. the very public death of superstar whitney houston will become a private matter in her hometown of newark, new jersey. instead of a large-scale tribute to houston in the 18,000 seat prudential center, it will be a private matter in her hometown. services are scheduled this schedule at new hope baptist church, where the legendary singer first started performing. >> at this time, this is their private time. they have shared her for 30-some years with the city, with the state, with the world. this is their time now for their farewell. >> houston's exact cause of death won't be released for weeks until the l.a. county coroner releases its examination. prescription medication was confiscated from the room on saturday, when she was found under water in a bathtub.
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new developments on a complain accusing top san jose city officials of ethics violations, this on the heels of an nbc bay area investigation. an outside law firm does not have jurisdiction to pursue an investigation. five unions filed ethics complaints last week against san jose mayor chuck reed, the retirement services director, and a former actuary for the city, alleging they misrepresented mention projections. they can further the complaint to another government agency. the city council can call for an investigation. the unions are reacting, sending us this statement. we will appeal to the city council for a call for an independent investigation into this matter. the electionsomssil cn wiol meet tomorrow evening at city council and at city hall. not going down without a fight, smokers in mountain view say they want to overturn a recent ban on smoking in outdoor patios. a petition with more than 1,000
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signatures was delivered to the city council tonight. that ban prohibits smoking in 25 feet of patios or windows and doors of restaurants. the ban is based on the issue of secondhand smoke. supporters of the petition argue the ban will force people to go into the street, or into dark parking lots or allies, which could be dangerous. especially for female smokers. no word yet on the city's decision. how did we do? valentine's day is almost in the books. we had some great weather. how is it looking? >> it was lovely. >> yes. it was really nice. mother nature cooperating with us and showing us a lot of love today. plenty of sunshine. radar is dry right now. it scans around from the north bay to the south bay. you look outside of our sky camera network in downtown san francisco. no indication at all, at least from this view, that we have a slight chance of some showers. not only that, but up in the sierra, we have a winter weather
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advisory before 8:00 a.m. into tomorrow. to show you that. and wind across highway 50 and interstate 80. the storm system is weak and still on its way. that's why we're dealing with the clear skies. also, it's cold out there. but not as cold as last night. 47 right now in livermore. 48 in fair field. and 46 in napa. for tomorrow morning, best chance of the showers will be early on. as we head throughout wednesday, we'll find and that will impact a lot more people in the showers that are going to be hard to find. it will be that wind in the afternoon. northwest 15 to 25 miles per hour. and ahead in the seven-day forecast, with on again/off again showers. we're finding a few returns into central california. the center of low pressure is off to the north. it's really ill-defined. as it continues to move to the south. not a lot of moisture with this. and once again, our chances of showers are very minuscule. most of it happening in the early morning hours by about 3:00 and 4:00 a.m. showers across the south bay and the peninsula.
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as we head into 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00, we're looking at clearing skies. and a decent amount of sunshine by the noon hour tomorrow, with that wind increasing. as the storm center is centered more off to the east, it will mean sierra snow as we mentioned. winter weather tomorrow morning. we could see two to five inches across lake tahoe. the wind doesn't look too damaging. but it can blow you around on the roadways. 15 to 25 miles per hour, from the valleys across the hill tops. for our morning, 41 in fremont. 40 in concord. 37 in santa rosa. and 33 in san rafael. and on our wednesday, the numbers will stay average, in san jose, 60 degrees. 60 morgan hill. and 60 los gatos. upper upper 50s and 60s tomorrow. and more wind for the north bay that could heat temperatures up to 64 in santa rosa. dry thursday and friday. our next chance of showers after
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the very weak system overnight, will not come until monday of next week. and that is also a very weak system at this point. so, any hopes of any major rainfall in the next seven days, not going to happen. otherwise, on thursday and friday, mother nature is giving us another gift. pretty much perfect. >> yeah, right. >> it's hard to believe what month it is. february? really? >> what are you going to name march? >> whoa. that's a mystery still. let's not delve in there yet. >> march-august. >> exactly. just ahead, a big step forward for the 49ers opinin
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the progresso chicken noodle you made is so good. it's got tender white meat chicken. the way i always made it for you. one more thing.... those pj's you like, i bought you five new pairs. love you. did you see the hockey game last night? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. it's happening much sooner than expected. the santa clara stadium authority approved the construction contract for the 49ers new stadium. the contract requires the
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contractor, which is turner debcon, to begin construction, by july 1st. and finish the project in time for the preseason kickoff in 2013, about 30 months from now. it requires crews to complete the stadium on time, or face millions of dollars in penalties. >> up to $20 million. if they are delayed. $6 million for each game. it's essential for them to get this thing done on time. we want to play football in santa clara in 2014. >> possibly a super bowl in 2016 or 2017. critics question whether the fast track project will cut corners when it comes to safety. the authority also plans to approve the contract with a consultant who will thesee the project. we're back with henry checking in with jeremy lin. stay with us.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. valentine's day is all about love in the new york knicks fans have plenty of love for lin-sanity. jeremy lin is in the nba spotlight after averaging 27 points in his last 5 starts. the former palo alto basketball star is on this week's sp"sport illustrated" as well. fourth quarter, lin, looking at those fines. and he said, i'll find amar'e stoudemire for the one-handed flush. new york down four. lin wants the ball in his hands. bucket and the foul. he hits the free throw to tie the game. tied at 87-87. lin sanity time from three-point range. the legend of lin continues.
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knicks win 90-87. >> if you look back at my story, it doesn't matter where you look. god's fingerprints are all over the place. there's a lot of things that had to happen, i just can't control. and you can try to call it coincidence. but at the end of the day, there's 20 or 30 things that had to happen at the right time in order for me to be here. that's why i call it a miracle. >> great story right there. over to tennis. s.a.p. open is in san jose this week. the headliner is american andy roddick, who hasn't hit a tennis ball since a hamstring injury suffered at this year's australian open. will roddick's hammy hold up? >> it's been okay so far. you know, i obviously would have liked a little more time coming into to san jose event, which i enjoy so much. for me, it's going to be a matter of trying to get through the first round or two. if i can get through that, i should be all right. >> we wish him the best. finally, oakland raiders
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have officially announced the consistent coaches. right back after the break.
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well, that famous love song, fitting for valentine's day. ♪ i come home to you >> tony bennett performed his iconic "heart in san francisco," in the venue he first performed it, 50 years ago. >> it was the first time we were going to play in san francisco. we thought of it as a local song. >> fairmont hotel iconic because of that. tonight, he returned to play a benefit in the very same room. enjoy, "i left my heart in san francisco." >> 85 years and still sounding great. thanks for enjoying us tonight. >> good night. ♪ san francisco
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♪ above the blue and windy sea ♪ ♪ when i come home to you san francisco ♪ ♪ your golden sun will shine on me ♪
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